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Term Life Insurance by Top Rated Companies
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Additional Considerations For Life Insurance


Regularly review your life insurance coverage!

Reviewing Your Life Insurance Coverage

Regularly review your term life insurance coverage, or your family could find themselves disappointed, frustrated, and in a financial crisis at a time when you are no longer with them. Changes like family circumstances, marriage, divorce, and the birth of children should key in a review of your additional needs. All current life policies should be reconsidered. Coverage amount will need to be re-adjusted and beneficiary changes may also be in order.

Also, review these new events as to the impact on your financial situation. A new mortgage or mortgage payoff, receiving an inheritance, or starting a new business, all require an adjustment in your level of life insurance.

Buying The Correct Amount Of Life Insurance

We all have our own particular needs. Depending on your age, whether you have children, what you earn, what your spouse earns, or how much money you have saved. Also important are the amount, type and duration of your obligations -- home mortgage, college education, plus other loans and obligations.

The key starting point is to estimate how much income your family will need on an annual basis and how long your family will be dependent on this income. Once this is determined you can calculate the amount of insurance that will be needed to generate the required income for the desired period. Inflation must be considered in your accounting.

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Postponing Life Insurance Purchases

The cost of life insurance is dependant on two factors, your age and your health. Premiums are calculated on your age and your health condition at the time of application for insurance is completed. Money alone is not enough to purchase life insurance. If you need life insurance do not postpone your purchase decision you may not be able to obtain the required coverage in the future.

Consider Insuring Your Spouse and/or Children

n reviewing your life insurance needs you should consider the effect the potential loss of your spouse would have on your family's finances.              

The unexpected death of a spouse or child can and will effect your family's finances. Spousal income replacement must be considered. If your spouse is not employed, additional cost such as child care will come into play. In either case, in reviewing your life insurance needs you should consider the effect the potential loss of your spouse would have on your family's ongoing finances.

Consider your children. A small amount of life insurance coverage is advisable to cover potential funeral costs. One might also want to consider the low cost of buying life insurance on children. They will need life insurance in the future and their health condition or ability to pay the premium for amounts needed may make buying life insurance on children a smart long term financial choice.



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Lewis Fink is licensed as a term life agent offering term life quotes in the following states: Term life quotes for:
Alabama - AL,  Arkansas - AR,  California - CA Colorado - CO Connecticut - CT Delaware - DE District of Columbia - DC,  Florida - FL, Georgia - GA Idaho - ID Illinois - IL Indiana - IN Iowa - IA Kansas - KS Kentucky - KY Term quotes for: Louisiana - LA,  Maine - ME Maryland - MD Massachusetts - MA,  Michigan - MI Mississippi - MS Missouri - MO,  Montana - MT Nebraska - NE New Mexico - NM, New Jersey - NJ New York - NY,  North Carolina - NCTerm quotes for: North Dakota - ND,  Ohio - OH Oklahoma - OK Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI South Carolina - SC,  South Dakota - SD,  Tennessee - TN Term quotes for: Texas - TX,  Utah - UT Vermont - VT Virginia - VA, and Wisconsin - WI.  

We offer term quotes for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year term periods. Our universal life products can be quoted to cover a term of up to age 120. Not all term product quotes from all term companies quoted are available in all states.

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