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Term Life Insurance by Top Rated Companies
More term companies equals the best opportunity to obtain the lowest term quote!

Term Life Insurance Quotes Term Life Insurance No Exam Final Expense Life Insurance Quotes

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Term Life Insurance Quote Formulation



How are quotes Formulated?

An offer from the company underwriter is the only true and reliable term life insurance quote; All others are just best guesses! That being said, let's go on...

We all want premiums at the best possible price. But what happens is that most people get called upon by their local insurance agent and obtain a quote from one or two carriers. Some may venture to the Internet, only to find out that the insurance website is offering quotes from only a handful of top rated companies.

This you should know, not all insurance websites sell life insurance at all. They simply sell your request for information to a local insurance agents who then call on you.

Simply said, the prospective insured will only know that he or she has obtained the lowest price for their  insurance when they see a insurance quote in spreadsheet form from all top rated companies.

classes the underwriters uses

non-tobacco users:

Preferred Best, Preferred, Standard Plus, Standard, Standard Table 1-10

tobacco users:
Preferred, Standard Plus,
Standard, Standard Table 1-10

obtain the most accurate, lowest price Insurance quote

Unless you or your insurance agent has determined your proper quote classification, the quotes you receive will have no meaning at the time of underwriting; whether it be a
fully underwritten or a no exam

how is the accuracy determined?

Term Life Insurance Quotes are determined by the following criteria:

Tobacco – Non-tobacco

Prices for tobacco users are generally 2 to 3 times higher in price than non-tobacco quotes because shortened life expectancy and serious health problems are a consequence of tobacco use..

don't lie - lying constitutes fraud!

If you die within the contestability period, the company will take a thorough look at your death certificate to determine whether or not your death was caused a by tobacco use related illnesses.

Height and Weight

This height and weight chart should be reviewed. It is important to obtain as many different company quotes as you can to get the best premium quote. If your weight reaches a certain level, you will have to pay more. In all instances, the heavier you are, the more you'll pay.

Health Problems

Each insurance company views health conditions differently. We have available our impaired risk questionnaires to help evaluate the extent of your health risk. We will then be able to shop your particular situation.   


A preferred Quote offer is not usually possible with these conditions.

Sub-Standard Table 1-10

These conditions are usually not insurable at standard or better rates.

uninsurable Conditions

These conditions
are usually considered uninsurable

Driving History

Motor Vehicle Reports are usually ordered under all circumstances:

Life Style

Life style conditions also affect premium quotes. 

Hazardous hobbies, like scuba diving, being a pilot, and other such activities, will cause your quoted premium to be higher. Questionnaires can be found here.

Financial Need

The purpose and need is an important source of information for the underwriter to validate a quote offering.

Usual income multiplication factors.

Times Income
18 – 30 30
31 – 40 25
41 – 50 20
51 – 55 15
56—60 12
61 – 65 10
Over 65  5

At certain age and life insurance amount level requires a written verification of finances from an informed and disinterested third party.

The negative side

Getting an accurate quote is not usually instant. Frustration could prevail to a level of not getting any coverage at all.

We have secured most of the top companies.  We know their underwriting.  And we are committed to helping the public on these issues online since 1999. 

Get term life quotes from TermLifeAmerica.com-
Lewis Fink is licensed as a term life agent offering term life quotes in the following states: Term life quotes for:
Alabama - AL,  Arkansas - AR,  California - CA Colorado - CO Connecticut - CT Delaware - DE District of Columbia - DC,  Florida - FL, Georgia - GA Idaho - ID Illinois - IL Indiana - IN Iowa - IA Kansas - KS Kentucky - KY Term quotes for: Louisiana - LA,  Maine - ME Maryland - MD Massachusetts - MA,  Michigan - MI Mississippi - MS Missouri - MO,  Montana - MT Nebraska - NE New Mexico - NM, New Jersey - NJ New York - NY,  North Carolina - NCTerm quotes for: North Dakota - ND,  Ohio - OH Oklahoma - OK Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI South Carolina - SC,  South Dakota - SD,  Tennessee - TN Term quotes for: Texas - TX,  Utah - UT Vermont - VT Virginia - VA, and Wisconsin - WI.  

We offer term quotes for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year term periods. Our universal life products can be quoted to cover a term of up to age 120. Not all term product quotes from all term companies quoted are available in all states.

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